The purpose of my experiment is to see which frozen liquid melts the fastest and if what's in them affects the melting speed. This relates to daily life/ world reality because it lets you know about what's actually in things we drink and if effects how fast they melt. It also relates to that because if glaciers are melting then maybe if we could do something to them to make them melt slower. I thought that water would melt the fastest because it has nothing in it, but things like milk have fat and sugar in them.

The first thing that I did was get my milk, water, diet Pepsi, and raspberry lemonade and freeze three ice cubes for each, one for each trial. Then I put an ice cube of each type on its own plate, on the same table, and then set my stopwatch. I then wrote down my results and did it two more times. I noticed that water ice cubes melt fast at the start then slow down at the end. The raspberry lemonade and milk ice cubes did the opposite. The diet Pepsi was slow the whole time.